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Festina Lente (Hasten slowly)

My economic / financial rules

1)Pay yourself first: put at least 10% of what you earn into savings

2) Control your expenditures : budget the necessary expenses (up to 70% )

3) Invest :Put your wealth to work and make it multiply

4)Protect your wealth ( accumulated saving);your salary must grow more then the cost of living

5) Invest after finding the intrinsic Value of things using a risk /reward approach (maximum reward with minimum risk)

6)Insure a future and a continuous income for later in life (passive income)

7)Own your house and reduce costs of living (or keep them in line with your revenues after costs)

8) Educate yourself by cultivating new skills to be able to recognize the future and adapt to it

9) B=s/g a person whose saving rate(s) grows more than the growth of the income(g) will accumulate capital and become rich

10) Avoid Debt or do not let your debts growth faster than income

My behavioral infrastructure:

-Be curious, an observer, determined to be , have and act.

-Be patient, tempering, humble.

-Have skin in the game , accept small defeats but learn from them.

-Concision in style, precision in thought ,decision in life

My wave for success:

-Be inspired by what you do.

-Be grateful for what you have already

-Develop an habit of paying attention to what is positive

-Remember to celebrate for moving closes to you objectives

- Action =intention (thought)+ emotion

How to make an order :

- Create a positive slide in your mind of what you want.

- Define only stages.

- Visualize slides of your goal (No scenarios)

- Be determined to act by replacing desires with intentions

- Be determined to have but lower importance (rent yourself out)

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